Dance-a-thon 2017

The school was rocking and rolling today with all the dancing from our annual Dance-a-Thon. Students were excited to have Tiffany and the team from Bounce Entertainment as they kept us moving all day long.

Many students have already brought in their money, but we will be collecting all week. For every $10 raised, that student will receive a ballot or ballots to use toward the many raffle prizes. You can see these prizes in our front display case but here is a list:

2 Maple Leafs Tickets Feb 21
Raptors Tickets March 17: Raptors vs. Orlando Magic
20 Chips and Candy Bags
4 Lollipop Packs with water bottles
Sundae School for you + 3 Friends
Water Balloons Pack
Large T.Rex Puzzle
2 Frozen Books
Paw Patrol Sketcher Projector
Pokemon Deck
Hotwheels Extreme Action Scorpedo
Leapfrog My Own Laptop
Prodigy and Popcorn at Lunch Recess for you + 3 Friends
Lego Set
Floor Hockey for you + 7 Friends
Emoji Slippers
Emoji Stuffy
Barbie + Clothing Set
Chocolate Fudge for you + your class
Chocolate & Chess Lunch Recess + 3 Friends
Pokemon Pack
Bracelet Making Set
Beanie Boos (2 to win)
Lego Building, popcorn, hot chocolate lunch recess + 1 friend
Board games, popcorn, hot chocolate lunch recess + 3 friends
Scrabble Game
Soccer Ball
$25 iTunes Gift Card
$15 iTunes Gift Card
$40 Mastermind gift card
Principal for the Day
Vice Principal for the Day
Teddy Bear Tea Party Set
Mane Society $25 Gift Card
4 $15 Indigo Gift Cards
2 OMAC Martial Arts 1 Month Memberships Ages 3-5
2 OMAC Martial Arts 1 Month Memberships Ages 6-12
2 Knigomania Toys $20 gift cards
Vaughan Children’s Dentistry Electric Toothbrush pack
Mcdonalds @ Walmart Pair of Extra Value Meals
CIBC $25 Youth Bank Account
Pure Motivation 2 Weeks Kids Club + Fitness Membership for Parents
Starbucks Pair of Tumblers
Pet Smart $20 Gift Card
Great Clip Free Haircut and product
TD $25 Youth Bank Account
Shoppers Drug Mart $30 Gift Card