Pause to Play!

pause to PlayThis week is York Region Public Health’s annual pause to PLAY challenge. From Monday, April 30 through Friday, May 4, 2018 children are being challenged to put their TV’s, gaming devices, tablets and smartphone on “pause” for one full week. Instead, they are encouraged to participate in active outdoor play. Please refer to the attached letter below for additional information.


Student Safety in the Kiss and Ride

Dear Parents and Guardians,

At Carnegie we want to ensure student safety is paramount when you drop off and pick up your child in and around the parking lot and the Kiss and Ride.

Students have been seen running between the parked cars and this is not safe.

To ensure student safety, students should only be entering or exiting a vehicle when it is stopped beside the curb within the Kiss and Ride. See diagram below:

Kiss and Ride

It is essential that parents/guardians only DROP OFF and PICK UP in the lane closest to the curb in the Kiss and Ride.

We recommend the following:

1. When using the Kiss and Ride, drivers are to pull up to the curbside lane to drop off and pick up their child.

2. Students must exit the vehicle using the door closest to the curb.

3. Drivers should remain in their vehicle and wait for their child to come outside. Do not stop and leave the vehicle.

4. Students are NEVER to walk or run through the lanes of traffic or parking lot to get to the vehicle.

Remember that your child’s safety is our NUMBER ONE concern. These procedures are in place for your child’s safety!

Thank you for your cooperation